When the Junos Workbook website was first started, the vision was to provide free lab training content to individuals looking to diversify their skills. Many engineers throughout the world are already familiar with Cisco Systems however most engineers have a desire to want to learn more.

Finding quality training content for Juniper Networks using Google can become a major challenge. Most of the Juniper training content found online cost more than the average Joe can afford. Junos Workbook believes that this content should be free and as such we have taken it upon our selves to publish quality labs demonstrating Juniper Networks configuration and providing you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Listed below is a table of workbooks currently offered by Junos Workbook. We are however constantly updating our website so be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter for updates.

JNCIA-Junos Workbook

The JNCIA-Junos workbook has approximately 30 labs in it pertaining to the basics of Juniper Networking such as Juniper Architecture, interfacing, command line navigation, understanding configuration and basic monitoring and operational maintenance.
This workbook is intended for those who have a basic understanding of Networking and want to learn more about Juniper Networks. All of the labs found in this workbook can be completed using Olive or Juniper Firefly vSRX.
To get started check out the JNCIA-Junos Workbook table of contents

JNCIS-ENT (Enterprise Routing and Switching)

The JNCIS-ENT is the next step after JNCIA-Junos and is equivalent to the Cisco CCNA certification. This Certification however does have additional technical content on it such as ISIS, BGP, HA, Tunneling and more so the required knowledge for this certification is a little bit more than that of the CCNA.
This workbook goes more into depth with the Juniper Networks technologies and configuration however upon competition you should be able to successfully implement a basic Juniper Networks infrastructure with skills learned by completing this workbook.